A visit from Bapak HM. Jusuf Kalla and Ibu Hj. Mufidah on 9 August 2015 to see the Lear Jet 31A

On 8 August 2015, NAC received a a Bombardier Lear Jet 31A purchased from Presidential Leasing, Inc Canada. The aircraft consists of a set of Med-Pac air ambulance Life Support custom-able for adult patient and Infant Incubator along with the 3300 litres of oxygen tank, an air compressor, vacuum pump, 115 volt AC outlet, 28 volt DC outlet and pneumatics outlet have been installed on the Lear Jet 31A to serve the only and the first dedicated Air Ambulance in Indonesia. Based on the science evidence, Lear Jet 31A able to cruise approximate 0.81 Mach above 30,000 feet and easy to be handled, it makes its ability to be favourited among pilots.
As the subsidiary of the Kalla Group, PT Nusantara Air Charter received the honour visit from Bapak HM. Jusuf Kalla and Ibu Hj. Mufidah on 9 August 2015 to see the Lear Jet 31A prior the departure with the Indonesian Vice President aircraft at Halim Perdana Kusuma Airbase.
Bapak Guntur Aradea-NAC Director addressed the staff to remain encourage on the aerospace national contribution, especially being the part of a chance of survival subsequently to transfer the needed one to the definitive care, underlined the professional work ethics to maintain the world-class services.
Supported by the world-wide expertise personnel on the Aerospace Medicine and Emergency Medical Services, Nusantara Air Ambulance is looking forward to serve the nation to overcome the missing link on the Emergency Medical Services, aiming on the clientele’s peace of mind. Additionally, NAA intend to contribute on the national healthcare as the medical transport bridging, genuinely well equipped and FAA approved Air Ambulance to ensure the flight safety and patient safety.IMG_2199

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